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2018 Indy PFK update

Last updated 11 months ago

Just a quick update....

We have already brought some holiday cheer to 50 kids this year spread between Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital and the IU North hospital visits. We have some new faces this year and I hope this continues in the years to come. We still have 4 visits left this year, they are as follows:

14 Dec...Riley Children’s Hospital Downtown at 1:30 pm.

17 Dec...St. Mary’s Children’s Center Ft. Ben location at 9:30 am. No slot limit

18 Dec...St. Mary’s Children’s Center Downtown at 9:30 am. No slot limit

20 Dec...The Wayne Township Preschool at 10:00 am. No slot limit

Please reach out to me if you can join us at any of these events this year. I also encourage you to let your fellow pilots know about what we are so we can add to our “Pilot Group”. Thank you all for your charitable donations this year, they will go a long way in helping get kids Christmas presents. Thank you for all your help.


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